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The Ripple Effect: The 10 Decisions that Can Make or Break Your Business

Ooh... a trilogy....

You may have seen my recent announcement that I re-released my first book, The Whirlpool Effect. Bold new look, same great message to leaders who are struggling to build great companies.

Refreshing the book allowed me to rebrand it as the first in a three-part series.

Book 1 is all about how leaders can create the whirlpool effect that drives greater company performance.

I'm now working on Book 2, which is all about the ripple effect that every decision has on your business.

Here's the analogy: When you throw a rock into a pond, it creates ripples. The smaller the pond, the faster those ripples reach the shoreline; in other words, that one rock has a greater ripple effect in a small pond. The bigger the pond, the less likely those ripples will reach the edge of the water.

How does that relate to business?

The ripple effect of bad decisions - a bad employee hire, a bad investment, a bad customer experience, or a delay in addressing bad behavior or performance - is greater in a smaller team or organization than in a large one.

This book will walk you through the ten decisions you need to make as a leader to ensure the soundness of your strategy, the effectiveness of your teams, and the survival of your business.

If you would like to be among the first to know when it gets published, add your name to the waiting list. And if you would like to be quoted in the book (even if you remain anonymously), joining the waiting list will unlock the way for you to do that too.

As for Book 3 in the trilogy... I'm keeping that one under wraps for now. But it's gonna be a page-turner....

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