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Four Signs Your Growth is at Risk (and How to Fix It… FAST)

If your organization is struggling to attract, retain, engage and mobilize the right talent, it’s likely because you’re not giving them a reason to join, to stay, to engage and contribute, and to advance and grow their career. It’s a candidate’s market right now, which means you need to fight even harder to pull the right people into your orbit. How can you attract and retain the right talent more easily—and convert their skills and motivations into high performance more quickly? In my conversation with Brian Montes on his “Entrepreneur to Employer” podcast, we explore the four warning signs that your business growth is at risk, and easy ways to get back on the right path toward sustainable profitability.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The mantra I have used for years to stay focused

  • The moment that inspired me to leave corporate America

  • How I clarified my niche as a business consultant

  • Why doing THIS makes you far more followable

  • Why you need to pay close attention to “the ripple effect”

  • What business leaders can do right now to improve their ability to grow

“Leaders have the biggest impact on culture. But that also means they have the greatest opportunity to do more with their organization.”

It’s time to grow in a more predictable, sustainable and enjoyable way.


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Expand your business without losing your best talent.

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