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Claire's company, Talent Boost, has been awarded Best Entrepreneur - Business Consulting for 2023 by the Best of America Small Business Awards.


Claire has been chosen as a top Executive Coach by the Coach Foundation.


Talent isn't born.
It's boosted.

My mission is to help businesses have better journeys. Tell more compelling stories. Attract the right people. Make a bigger impact. And stuff themselves full of aligned, capable, collaborative and followable leaders.


I spent many years in corporate America, trying to get my unique personality and perspective to fit within a tightly formed, tightly lidded corporate box.


Then one day, my boss stopped me in the hall. He said, "You need to tone down your walk."


"Um... what?" was my eloquent reply.


"Your walk. It's too... bouncy. You seem too happy. It makes people wonder if you're up to something."


That exchange was emblematic of everything that's wrong with most corporate cultures. So I decided that instead of continuing to disrupt the corporate machine from within, I would disrupt it from the outside.


I truly believe everyone has it within them to be AMAZING: individuals, businesses, even corporate cultures. They simply need to get out of their own way, discover what makes them uniquely talented, and then BOOST that talent.


You have it within you too. As a leader, as a business... you are on the verge of being AMAZING.


All you need is a little boost.


My Journey So Far



VP of HR, on an executive track, traveling 3 weeks out of every 4. Got diagnosed with cancer. Went from 150 mph to 0 as I dealt with my surgery, treatment, recovery. Finally couldn't outrun the voice in my head that had been asking, "Are you doing what you're passionate about?" Decided the answer was no. Got healthy, gave notice, and jumped into the entrepreneurial unknown.



Found my niche. Built a company around the idea that every leader and every business has talent lurking within it. Became my mission to find it, define it, bring it to the surface and use it to drive greater results, more meaningful experiences, and amazing business growth stories.

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