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Organizational Health Self-Assessment

How prepared are you to grow? Is your team mission-ready?


Before you move your business to its next growth plateau, you first need to make sure your organization can survive the move.


Use this tool to measure your readiness. Then do something about it.

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The "What If" Employee Value Calculator

Think about the employees who have left your company over the past year.

What if they hadn't left?

How much money could your company have SAVED by retaining them?

How much MORE PROFIT could your company have produced by increasing your employees' engagement and commitment?

Use this calculator to find out... if you dare.

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8 Ways to Keep Employees

Now that you know the cost of losing your people... how can you do a better job of retaining them? This free infographic provides 8 approaches you can implement immediately.

They cost nothing... and their payoff is enormous.

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Mission-Critical Attributes Database


Do you know what your mission is? The purpose of your role, team and/or company? Your "Point B"?


Once you understand your mission...


What fundamental capabilities, skills, technical expertise, knowledge and behaviors will you and your team need to possess and demonstrate to achieve it?

If you need some inspiration, choose from the 78 attributes in this database.

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The Whirlpool Effect Learning Academy

Accelerate your leadership journey.

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Join the exclusive growth challenge for aspiring leaders.

Leaders Made Here

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The Logic of Love in Leadership


Winning the World Series...

One Swing at a Time


Want Amazing Results from Your People? Get in the Pool.

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5 Ways to Cure Leadership Silos... with LEGOs

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Anyone Can Run a 4-Minute Mile

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You Should Hear How They Talk About You


You Don't Have a Hiring Problem. You Have a Culture Problem.


Your Mission is What Matters

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