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The Whirlpool Effect: 2023 Edition

When I first sat down to write The Whirlpool Effect in 2018, I hoped to get through to some of the good leaders out there who were struggling to build great companies. Leaders who didn’t yet realize that the #1 obstacle holding back their business was of their own making, and therefore within their control to fix. I aimed to wake them up, shake them up, and move them in the right direction.

Boy, did I.

I have been overwhelmed by the feedback of leaders who have used this book to change the way they lead, by changing the way they see themselves. The best leaders I know don’t start out great: They start out filled with self-doubt. And it’s that humility that enables them to apply a different perspective and to recognize that they have it within them to lead. To inspire. To grow their employees and, consequently, their business.

I just released the 2023 edition of The Whirlpool Effect, which contains some updated content and a fresh look.

In the book, you will learn:

  • Why, despite your lofty ambitions for your business, it's not performing to your expectations

  • The biggest ways the churn of underperformance shows up to thwart your growth

  • The true cost of churn

  • How to inspire the FLOW that drives greater company performance

“What Claire doesn’t know about leadership teams and helping create coaches for success is not worth knowing.” —Philip Pelucha, Producer, Billionaires in Boxers

Check it out. It's available on Amazon right now.

I'd love to know what you think.


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