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The Most Successful Ways to Align Your Leadership Team

Updated: Jan 28

More organizations are growing exponentially instead of one new hire at a time. While leaders continue to face the familiar challenges of high turnover and low engagement, they are also addressing the new challenges of a workforce that is both more socially aware and less emotionally intelligent. How can leaders navigate the new world of work in ways that enable them to grow and compete? In my conversation with Graham Whiley on “The Coaching Conversation” podcast, we discuss the problems facing many executive leaders today, and some key best practices for increasing alignment around a mission that matters.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What inspired my business name “Talent Boost” – and what it means for businesses

  • The top four talent challenges executive leaders face

  • Three ways to align your leadership team for greater business success

  • How psychometric tools increase self-awareness, trust, and team dynamics

  • The role of diversity in strategic planning and execution

“Diversity of thought, of experience, of opinion makes for a richer decision-making process, a more actionable plan, and a more innovative company.”

Learn how to align your leadership team so you can grow on purpose.


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