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How to grow your business AND retain your top talent in a tumultuous year

In the post-pandemic workplace, talent retention and growth strategies are evolving. In order to grow, organizations must adapt to changing employee expectations and foster a positive work culture. Why do so many organizations lose their top talent the moment they try to grow—and how can they reverse the trend? In my conversation with Dean Newlund on “The Business of Intuition” podcast, we discuss how leaders can more effectively use clear communication, consistency and accountability to create a sense of belonging and purpose among employees.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • Employee retention and growth strategies in a rapidly changing business landscape

  • The roles that both long-term vision and short-term strategy play in fueling business growth

  • Why the magic combination of vision, mission and values engages the right talent

  • How to maximize connection and accountability in the modern workplace

  • How to manage both sides of the employee-employer relationship

  • Why organizations must redefine job descriptions for employee growth and organizational success

“It’s a lot easier to update a Word document that a job description is in, than to try to update the DNA of a person who’s trying to fulfill it.”

Do you want to expand your business without losing your best talent?


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Expand your business without losing your best talent.

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