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Simple ways leaders can unlock the door to Profitable Happiness

By now, most organizations appreciate the link between employee engagement and business profitability. So why do many leaders still engage in behaviors that DISENGAGE their people? In my conversation with Dr. Pelè Raymond on his “Profitable Happiness” podcast, we explore simple ways leaders can build stronger cultures, inspire their people, and increase the likelihood of achieving their long-term strategy.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The identity crisis many organizations are facing

  • How organizations can grow in a more predictable, sustainable way without becoming toxic, siloed or lost

  • Why your brand promise is driving out your best people

  • The simple actions you need to take to correct your misalignment

  • What must occur within each employee BEFORE you work on team dynamics

  • The five-letter word missing from your strategy

  • How to break through organizational silos

  • Why authentic leaders struggle to demonstrate authenticity

“Leaders of complex organizations want to bring forward the best of what is working, say goodbye to the noise that is no longer serving them, and bring their employees along for the ride.”

Learn how Claire helps leaders strengthen trust and authenticity within their organizations.


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Expand your business without losing your best talent.

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