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Silencing your self-doubt: Unleashing productivity through candid conversations

We all struggle with voices in our head that fill us with self-doubt and worry that we are letting others down: Our employees, our business, our family. Yet even though this is a universal struggle, we seldom say it out loud. How can we create an environment where candid conversations are the norm AND move people toward positive action? In my conversation with Bryce Batts on her “Wine After Work” podcast, we discuss the importance of refilling your cup, speaking your “if onlys” out loud, and pursuing your unique path to fulfillment.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The disconnect between what leaders think your culture is and what your teams believe

  • How to uncover the true causes of your underperformance

  • How executives shape culture and drive team cohesion

  • The artful dance of driving "complaint conversations" into productive action

  • What REALLY keeps executives up at night... and how to solve it

  • How to assemble teams that gel

  • Why putting everyone else’s needs before your own is crushing your spirit

“There’s no one answer to what drives underperformance. It’s unearthed through deeper conversations where you develop trust, and demonstrate candor and transparency.”

Do you want to learn how to refill your own cup so you can become more followable? Reach out.


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