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No “rockstars” need apply: How to build an aligned, high-performance sales team

How many times has an organization hired an “industry rockstar” onto their sales team… only to watch that person fail, and their business suffer? Smart companies know how to look at the people who are successful in their business, define what that looks like, and then replicate it. In my conversation with Doug C. Brown on his “CEO Sales Strategies” podcast, we unpack how to build an aligned, high-performance sales team, and swap stories of leaders who failed miserably at it.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What a high-performance sales team looks like

  • Why leaders are to blame when sales teams go bad

  • What you need to get right BEFORE you hire

  • The difference between honesty and truthfulness when evaluating your current state

  • How to increase the likelihood of hiring the right people… and removing the wrong ones

  • Why acting like a child at work isn’t always bad

  • What makes great performers stop contributing their best effort

  • How organizations with crystal-clear missions, visions and values can still destroy their business

  • How leaders who have “maxed out” can break through their growth ceiling

“When leaders don’t make the difficult decisions or have those crucial conversations, it doesn’t matter how eloquent your mission is or how compelling it might be. Your actions matter. And if there’s a conflict between what you say and what you do, people are going to follow what you do.”

If you’re ready to shatter your growth ceiling and lead your team to success, reach out.


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