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Navigating Your Complex Relationship with Money

What’s your relationship with money? Do you casually date or are you deeply committed? And how much control do you have over the quantity and quality of money you attract? In my conversation with Lisa Drennon on her “I Date Money” podcast, we get real about our relationship with money, how it evolves over time, and how we can have a more positive and fulfilling relationship.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The biggest challenge - and the greatest gift - I received in 2011

  • How my relationship with money has evolved over the course of my life

  • What motivates me to work harder and strive for more

  • How I got over the "guilt" of pursuing revenue

  • The best money tip I've ever received

“The relationship we have with money, and how we attract more of it, is so much more within our control than we realize.”

Take a simple step toward growing your business and attracting more revenue.


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