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How Profitable Organizations Apply Radical Honesty to Build Stronger Cultures

Culture is NOT a “squishy” term human resources invented to appear strategic. Future-leaning organizations understand that culture is foundational to the growth and long-term success of any business. How can leaders take more intentional steps to create strong, profitable cultures? In my conversation with Andrew Wallace on his “We’ve Got a Problem” podcast, we talk about the business value of culture, and how “radical honesty” plays a vital part in achieving your long-term vision.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a culture that supports the growth and sustainability of the business

  • Concrete steps leaders can take to change the culture

  • The landmines of M&A – and how to avoid them

  • What drives the book value of a business

  • The essential role executive leaders play in contextualizing change

  • The biggest hurdle to growth

“Our ability to innovate is restricted by the lack of a standard platform from which we can grow.”

Learn how to leverage the BEST of your culture to create sustainable growth.


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