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Harnessing the culture of chaos to become more productive

The volume, pace and complexity of work are greater than at any other time in our history. Overwhelm and a lack of prioritization feed the chaos that is prevalent in so many organizational cultures—and that chaos is stifling your success. How can you and your teams take back control? In my conversation with Penny Zenker on her “Take Back Time” podcast, we dive deep into how you’re unwittingly creating the majority of your own chaos, and how you and your teams can come together more effectively to achieve amazing outcomes.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why overwhelm and lack of prioritization are contributing to your chaos

  • How technology is deluding AND diluting you

  • What you're doing wrong with email (which is pretty much everything)

  • The role of the "sandwich" leaders in bridging the strategic and the tactical

  • The simple reason your leaders don’t collaborate

  • What it means to "frame up so you can free up"

  • The easiest way to take back control over the chaos you're creating

“Your leaders cannot continue to wait for the executive team’s permission to prioritize work, to filter out noise, and to get things done through the combined talents of their people. If they're not clear, they need to ask. And once they are clear, they need to act.”

If you want to cure your organizational chaos, let’s talk.


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