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Ditch the Talent Drain: Your Action Plan for Building a Thriving Talent Machine

Updated: Jan 28

Who within your organization is responsible for nurturing and growing talent? If you answered “everyone,” then you’ll love this podcast interview. In my conversation with Sam Reeve, Char Miller and Sumit Singla on their “People Strategy Forum” podcast, we highlight the importance of breaking down complex talent management concepts into actionable steps that leaders can easily understand and implement, why executive leadership buy-in and active participation are essential for talent management initiatives to succeed, and practical strategies for companies looking to achieve sustainable growth.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How transformational moments inspires people to pursue their dreams

  • What startups need to do FIRST before applying more structure to their business

  • The difference between foundations and load-bearing walls when building your business

  • The core tenets of the Growth on Purpose framework and how they help businesses expand without losing their best talent

  • The importance of breaking down complex processes into simple, actionable steps

  • The value of frameworks that are firm enough to replicate success, yet adaptable enough to meet organizations where they are

  • My non-negotiables when working with leaders

  • Where coaching is most effective… and what it does NOT solve

“We get so enamored with what we 'know' is going to save our clients. And we have to wait for them to catch up to the moment when they can actually receive it, implement it and own it.”

If you’re ready to attract, retain and engage top talent more effectively as you grow, click the "EASY" button below.


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Expand your business without losing your best talent.

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