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Why Purpose and Trust are Foundational to Business Success… and How to Accelerate Them

Updated: Jan 28

Leaders who copy other leaders, rather than find their own unique voice, can face disastrous consequences. When first-time leaders aren’t given an “owner’s manual” on how to be an effective leader, and long-time leaders don’t have time to reconnect with their genuine style, how can they build the trust and credibility that are essential to great business performance? In my conversation with Mick Spiers on “The Leadership Project” podcast, we unpack the importance of leaders at all levels putting in the groundwork to discover their uniqueness, their why, and their strengths before inviting others to follow them in pursuit of a shared mission.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The danger in "emulating" other leaders

  • The trap executives set for themselves

  • Why self-awareness is foundational to effective leadership

  • How conviction and congruence build trust

  • Why you should STOP focusing on bullet points for your Town Hall... and do THIS instead

  • Why pretending you have all the answers makes people laugh at you

  • The 9-step journey to growth on purpose

“What motivates people to do their best work is to know they’re spending time with leaders who are followable, who are authentic, who can be trusted, and who are leading them along the right path toward a vision that everybody can share.”

It's time to grow YOUR business on purpose.


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