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Why Difficult Conversations Are Essential for Leadership

We all have conversations we dread, that keep us up at night, and that profoundly impact us. How does avoiding those conversations affect leadership and organizational culture? How does leaning into them, preparing for them, and showing up to them the right way change organizational dynamics for the better? In my conversation with Ken Cameron and Russell Stratton on their “I Need To F***ing Talk To You” podcast, we dive deep into the difficult conversations that shape our lives and our leadership.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The danger of being “stuck” in excellence

  • The moment I learned the definition of true wealth

  • The biggest challenge both executive leaders and business owners face

  • Why HR needs to stop focusing on compliance

  • The huge disconnect between what HR is focusing on and what the business needs them to provide

  • The most difficult workplace conversation I’ve ever had—how I prepared for it, how I got through it, and what I learned from it

“Executive leaders forget that we are all human first. And we are beautifully flawed if we accept and acknowledge the fact that we don’t have all the answers. The minute we forget that is when we go off the rails.”

Let’s have a conversation that is far less difficult and far more impactful.


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