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The secret to building a culture of innovation and collaboration

Toxic leadership destroys cultures… and ultimately businesses. How can you create a culture of innovation and collaboration that drives greater business performance? In my conversation with Aaron Lee on his “New Generation Leader” podcast, we explore the foundational elements required for your business to compete, thrive, and grow.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to WIN by tapping into the uniqueness and potential of your people

  • The importance of failing forward – and how to create an environment of psychological safety

  • The foundation of trust in business

  • How to create the “whirlpool effect”

  • Why a culture of conformity prevents your business from breaking through

  • The ONE question leaders need to ask before getting their teams to work better together

“More companies are recognizing that trust is missing. And it’s missing at the highest levels of the organization. If people don’t trust each other, they’re not going to grow your company. They’re not going to contribute their best. They’re not going to speak up. They’re not going to seek out ideas and perspectives that may be different from their own.”

To learn more about how to build and accelerate trust within your organization, reach out.


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