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The Journey from Inspiration to Purposeful Growth

Every entrepreneur has a story. A story about what propelled their journey. About what woke them from a career path that wasn’t inspiring them. About how they found their groove. In my conversation with TJ Murphy on “The Adventurous Entrepreneurs” podcast, we unpacked MY story, and shared ways that businesses can do a better job of building cultures that attract the right talent so they can grow on purpose.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The news that propelled my journey into entrepreneurship

  • How I found my niche

  • Why culture is NOT a "nice to have" in your business

  • The difference between the best talent and the RIGHT talent

  • The biggest obstacle leaders encounter in achieving their business strategy

  • A simple framework for growing your business on purpose

“Listen to that voice inside your head. Reconnect with your own purpose. Be intentional about that. Because the payoff is huge.”

Could YOU use a little leadership therapy?


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Expand your business without losing your best talent.

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