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The Fundamental Traits of Great Leaders

Effective leaders are essential to the success of any organization. But most leaders aren’t handed a guide to effective leadership when they take the reins. What are the key traits that make a great leader? In my conversation with Tara Lehman on her “Amplifying Leadership” podcast, we uncover the success attributes of all great leaders, including self-awareness, authenticity, communication, delegation and vision.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The value of delegation, vacation, and perspective

  • The two fundamental elements of effective communication

  • How leaders’ inability to accept feedback increases disconnects and workload

  • The two traits required for all successful leaders

  • The biggest myth leaders need to overcome

“When you are communicating with employees, explain the why behind the message. So many leaders skip that step and don't understand how crucial it is to building engagement.”

Transform your leaders from frustrating to followable.


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