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The disconnects in corporate culture… and how to fix them

As companies navigate the complex landscape of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a means of accelerating growth, they can quickly get overwhelmed by the challenges of aligning cultures and preserving organizational identity. How can HR executives drive stronger cohesion across the business so that M&A leads to harmonious collaboration instead of widening existing gaps? In my conversation with Wayne Brown on his “Executive Talent Project” podcast, we explore the importance of clarity in your growth strategy, the power of purpose in fostering collaboration, and the role of HR in bridging the gap between operational leadership and organizational culture.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to build companies that people want to belong to

  • Why many acquisitions WORSEN the gaps in your business

  • How a company's culture is expressed through the behavior of its leaders

  • How self-awareness and self-regulation help create genius-level performance

  • What creates the huge gap between HR and operational leadership

  • The importance of getting HR future-ready

  • The three core components of business success and sustainable growth

  • How to better prepare new leaders to thrive

“We have to have a people strategy, a talent strategy, a plan that aligns with business outcomes, and you [the CEO and Board] have to be ready to pay for it. That's the conversation HR needs to drive. But they can't be the only voice screaming in the room about the importance of that.”

If you’re ready to fix the disconnects in YOUR business, apply to work with Claire today.


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