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The CEO’s journey to connection, authenticity, and the power of saying NO

As the saying goes, it’s lonely at the top. C-level leaders rarely share their doubts and fears with their fellow executives, for fear of having their vulnerability exploited as a weakness. So where do they turn to unpack and work through their anxieties? In my conversation with Kendra Corman on her “Imperfect Marketing” podcast, we explore the power of connection, authenticity, and saying NO.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What most toxic cultures REALLY suffer from… and it’s not what you think

  • Why “corporate survival” is driving your best employees out the door

  • The foundation of all successful businesses

  • The power of connection between individual and collective WHY

  • Why most strategic plans are neither strategic nor a plan

  • The first step in building an achievable 5-year strategic plan

  • Why authenticity is vital to your company

  • The myth of the full calendar… and why successful business leaders say NO more often than yes

  • The biggest marketing lesson I learned

“It is far easier to get everyone to sing from the same songbook if you don’t assign them the songbook and order them to sing, but rather you give them a reason to find their OWN voice and to use that in concert with everyone else.”

Explore how Claire helps leaders like you learn how to say YES to more of the right decisions.


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