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Meeting employees where they are: Unpacking the deep impact of culture on business success

Many leaders are still trying to force their organizations “back to normal” – and most employees are resisting. How is this push and pull impacting companies’ cultures, employee retention, and ability to grow? In my conversation with Melissa Brown on her “Understaffed!” podcast, we unpack the deep impact that culture has on the success of a business… and how a poor culture could destroy yours.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The collective wake-up call COVID provided to organizations

  • The cure to management by objectives

  • The three phases required to grow your business “on purpose”

  • The biggest impact on a company’s culture

  • What the “new-generation” workforce is looking for in a company... and why they’re onto something

  • The “glue” that brings people, process and performance together

  • What high-functioning teams have that dysfunctional ones lack

  • How teams can do a better job of achieving their long-term growth strategy

“As leaders, you have to set a vision. You have to co-create what those outcomes look like. And then you have to get out of people’s way, and remove obstacles from their way to achieving those.”

Discover how Claire can help you strengthen your culture, your purpose, and your business growth.


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