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How to use personality assessments the RIGHT way to empower teams and counter toxicity

Critics and contrarians will tell you that “personality” assessments are BS. That’s likely because they either misunderstood or misused assessments in the past... and got burned by them. How can companies tap into assessments the right way to create more powerful and empowered cultures? In my conversation with Samantha Hartley on her “Profitable, Joyful Consulting” podcast, we discuss how data-driven insights lead to richer, more actionable conversations… and how they can counter toxicity in your company’s culture.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What detractors get wrong about assessments

  • How people self-sabotage when taking assessments

  • What all genius-level performers have in common

  • Why some activities drain you... and others fuel you

  • How to address energy leaks in your day

“If you just use DISC, it’s interesting… but not terribly actionable. And if you misuse DISC, and you think, ‘You’re a pure D – that means you’re a natural born leader and no one else [who isn’t a D] is,’ you’re going to miss the value that the other people around you bring.”

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