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How prepared is HR for the future?

The results are in.

Human resources: You have some work to do.

I invited business leaders and HR executives to participate in a research survey to evaluate the gap between what businesses will need to grow, and HR's capacity to equip them for the journey.

Here's the good news.

Organizations recognize that they need HR's help - and not just in the traditional categories of hiring, firing, and compliance. More and more, business leaders view HR as a critical partner in their growth strategy.

Now for the bad news.

The critical expertise businesses are looking to HR to contribute is the ability to think and act strategically. Unfortunately, that is also HR's biggest capability gap.

And the consequences for businesses could be catastrophic.

The opportunity for HR.

HR has a unique and pressing opportunity to provide strategic value at a critical intersection in the growth journey. HR leaders now need to ensure their function can seize that opportunity.

Check out the full survey results below, and scroll to the bottom for your unique opportunity to add to the conversation.

Just like human resources, this survey will continue to evolve. So it's not too late to participate. Click the button below to share your input.

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