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How Legendary Literature Can Inspire Great Leadership

What can a book written in 1942 tell us about modern leadership?

Quite a lot, actually.

It has been a looooong time since I obtained my bachelor’s degree in English. And it’s rare that I have the opportunity to explore at length any of the great works of literature. During my in-depth (three-hour!) conversation with Jesan Sorrells on his "Leadership Lessons from the Great Books" podcast, we did just that. We explored the historical and current-day themes of leadership through the lens of Albert Camus’ Nobel Prize-winning work, The Myth of Sisyphus. Jesan's extraordinary ability to provide rich context to this discussion makes it worthy of your time.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of both leadership of self and leadership of others

  • Conqueror, creator, or catalyst? The choice all leaders must make

  • How all of us can find hope and joy—even if life proves to be “absurd”

  • Why we are at risk of fatalism—and how we can achieve freedom instead

  • Why “mocking the monsters” is not the solution to our current leadership crisis

  • The antidote to cults of personality

  • How to overcome the organizational peer pressure to contribute to the “noise”

“The organizations of the future are trying to find ways to create communities of talent to achieve a common end.”

Whether you’d like to discuss great literature, or to find deeper meaning in your own leadership, reach out.


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