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How Leaders Can Fuel Business Growth through Vulnerability

Vulnerability has been a leadership “don’t” for ages. Generations of leaders have been conditioned to believe that showing emotions, admitting that they don’t know all the answers, or expressing their unique personality is the fast track to failure. But the business landscape is changing – and it’s never been a better time to be vulnerable in the workplace. How can today’s leaders demonstrate vulnerability in ways that drive business growth? In my conversation with Nikolette Sirawsky on the “Women’s Leadership Today” podcast, we explore how vulnerability and authenticity lead to genuine communication, more positive work relationships, and the trust and cohesion necessary to grow your organization—and yourself—on purpose.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What I’ve learned about being vulnerable along my business journey

  • The advantage female leaders have in the evolving workplace

  • Why vulnerability is now viewed as a leadership strength that reaps business benefits

  • The fastest way to demonstrate vulnerability and gain employee trust

  • How to gain self-confidence when you’re NOT confident

  • How individuals and organizations can tap into vulnerability to grow more sustainably

  • What makes successful companies stand out from their competitors

  • My best advice to leaders looking to grow on purpose and be more authentic

“People expressing themselves through their walk, through their personality, through aligning their role or business with what truly lights them up… is the fullest expression of vulnerability, because it is innately human.”

Are you ready to own your walk?


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