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How leaders can build trust, drive innovation, and sleep better at night

With the pandemic largely behind us and the future of work looming ahead of us, being a leader is more challenging than ever. Even the largest, most established organizations are struggling to attract, retain, align and mobilize the right talent to innovate, compete, and grow their business. So how can leaders tackle these challenges and sleep better at night? In my conversation with Karan Ferrell-Rhodes on her “Lead at the Top of Your Game” podcast, we discuss how leaders can earn trust, build a following, and solve their greatest business anxieties through self-awareness and authenticity.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The biggest challenges leaders face today

  • How future-focused organizations embrace agility as a competitive advantage

  • Why your attempts to be charismatic are repelling your people

  • Why you cannot have a strong business if you don’t have THIS

  • Why "Leading with Courageous Agility" is key to leadership execution

  • The business-critical distinction between convincing and conviction

  • How you can lead at the top of your game

“If leaders are feeling drained and less than engaged, they're going to project that to everybody else. If the leaders are faking it, if they're projecting something they don't actually believe, the organization is going to sense that, feed off of it, and respond in kind.”

Learn how to become a more natural leader who builds a following that gets results.


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Expand your business without losing your best talent.

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