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How authentic leadership, purpose and culture help businesses weather any storm

Crises big and small happen in any business, regardless of size or industry. How can leaders do a more effective job of helping their employees and their organization respond to crises, rather than react to them? In my conversation with Céline Williams on her “Leading through Crisis” podcast, we discuss the connection between authentic leadership, a clear purpose, and a strong culture… and how those three elements form a sustainable business that can weather storms.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between reacting to change... and responding to it

  • Why executive tenure creates a sense of urgency many companies struggle to keep up with

  • Why your culture and purpose are foundational to business success

  • The disconnect that’s costing you money

  • What leaders get wrong about how culture forms

  • Why leaders who strive to be empire builders miss the mark

  • How to find the connection between your role and the shared mission

“Your purpose has to genuine and authentic. It is extremely important to stay true to that purpose and be committed and consistent in terms of the messages you send, the behaviors you reinforce, the performance you reward, the people you advance. Because the minute you're not, people are going to believe what you do, not what you say.”

Learn how Claire helps turn leaders into culture builders.


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