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How authentic leaders unlock long-term success, retain top talent, and foster higher performance

Why do many organizations struggle with achieving their long-term objectives, retaining the right talent, and harnessing the highest levels of performance from their people? It’s because their people don’t fully trust their leaders, and therefore hold back their full commitment. How can leaders overcome this struggle and draw upon their own experience to let their wisdom lead the way? In my conversation with Danielle Cobo on her “Dream Job” podcast, we explore why the best, most influential, most followable leaders are also the most authentic, vulnerable and REAL.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of listening to employees at all levels

  • What executives get wrong when integrating M&A companies

  • How to create an environment that empowers and accelerates collaboration

  • How to stop overcomplicating the simple

  • The real goal of leadership (hint: it’s NOT to seem important)

  • What leaders get wrong about your walk

  • How to build trust by delegating decision making

  • Why organizations that lack THIS will never achieve their mission

“Make your mission simpler for people. That’s how you deepen engagement. That’s how you strengthen cultures. And that’s how you create an environment where people can be authentic and vulnerable and truly free to do what fuels them and what fires them up in ways that are going to move the needle.”

Do you want to stop “overcomplicating the simple” and lead more effectively?


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Expand your business without losing your best talent.

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