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From COVID Challenges to Heroes and Proudest Moments: A Candid Dive into My Business Journey

This podcast interview felt like the fastest 20 minutes in business. Through some unique and powerful questions, Joe Dimino got me to open up about my past, my business, my heroes, and how I see myself today. Check out our conversation on his “Famous Interviews” podcast.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How I got through COVID and how it changed my business

  • What I do… as explained to a third grader

  • Who my heroes are

  • The celebrity I’d love to spend time with

  • What drives me

  • My proudest business moment

  • How I define myself

“Too often we get swept into the busyness and the pace, and use that as an excuse not to question ourselves: ‘Are we on the right path?’”

If it’s time for some real talk about your business and your leaders, reach out.


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