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Feeling shut out of strategy conversations? Shift your focus.

My ongoing research study on the Future of HR for Business has revealed a critical gap between where businesses are trying to grow, what business leaders need from human resources, and the mission-critical capabilities most HR organizations currently possess. More importantly, it has uncovered a severe misalignment in terms of where the business and HR focus their energy.

Where you focus your energy is directly related to your ability to participate in strategic conversations, and to contribute to the strategy in meaningful and measurable ways. Human resources is notorious for complaining that it lacks a "seat at the table." The real problem is that it's reaching for the wrong chair.

Here's the deal:

  • Business leaders primarily focus on PERFORMANCE: Bottom-line financial and operational results.

  • HR leaders, however, tend to focus on the PEOPLE within the organization: Who they are, who they have, and who they need.

  • And because you’re starting from different perspectives, your attempts to close the gap through PROCESS are actually creating a bigger disconnect.

The solution to this issue is not for HR to double down on the people lens, but rather to focus on the sweet spot where all three lenses - people, process and performance - come together. This sweet spot is your organization's PURPOSE: Why you exist in the first place. By shifting your focus from people to purpose, you can uniquely address the gap today and secure your business's future.

A Venn diagram with Purpose in the middle
The sweet spot at the intersection of People, Process and Performance: Your PURPOSE

Instead of fixating solely on people or performance, or trying to view process from two different angles, businesses that focus on PURPOSE - the intersection of all three lenses - outperform the competition.

HR has a unique opportunity to lead the charge. You can help bridge the gap that exists between business leaders and HR professionals. By doing so, you can create a more unified and effective approach to achieving your organization's longer-term objectives and actually accelerate your growth journey.

As HR leaders, make sure you focus on the sweet spot. Lead from the core, not the perimeter. And you’ll never be shut out of strategy discussions again.

Want to bring your people, process and performance into stronger alignment around a magnetic purpose?

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