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Embrace the Chaos: How leaders can create a stronger community within their organization

If you’ve ever invited your kids to help you make pancakes, you know the process can be both messy and invigorating. How can leaders apply this metaphor in the workplace, to embrace the chaos of innovation in a way where everyone learns to collaborate more effectively, bring their unique ideas to the table, and fail forward? In my conversation with Ernest Comer III on his “Pancakes From Scratch” podcast, we discover why cooking with someone else is less about the food, and more about the experience... and how you can replicate that experience to build a stronger organizational culture.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What my biggest challenge taught me about letting go

  • The connection between your ability to trust and the people you attract into your universe

  • The challenge - and beauty - of letting go

  • How entrepreneurs can manage the seasonality of business and revenue

  • The biggest challenge for solopreneurs trying to scale

  • How to strike the right balance between consistency and creativity

  • Why couples and teams keep having the same argument over and over - and how to finally resolve it

  • How culture amplifies community

“There is no one in your organization who is ‘just’ an employee or ‘just’ a boss; they are connected to so many other people in the community. And they take home that experience that you enable for them in the workplace, good or bad. So the work you put in, the investment you give to your culture, pays dividends throughout the larger community.”

Learn how to get your business cooking more cohesively.


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