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Decoding M&A Success: How to achieve strategic alignment and cultural integration

Up to 90% of all M&As fail… or at least fall short. But when done right, they are a game-changer for organizations looking for transformational growth. What can executive leaders do to ensure greater M&A success? In my conversation with Jonathan Goldhill on his “Disruptive Successor” podcast, we discuss the perils and triumphs of M&As, the pivotal role that culture plays in driving success, and how leaders can engage their people more fully to help scale their business.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why so many M&As fail – and how businesses can increase their likelihood of success

  • The two essential elements of M&A integration success

  • How to evaluate the cultural health of your M&A target

  • Why radical honesty is the key to growth

  • How early in the M&A process you MUST involve your people

  • What happens when M&A integrations go well... and when they don't

  • How family-owned businesses can thrive through leadership transitions

“If you don't involve your people early, align them with your vision for the future, and help them make connections between what they individually do and why that matters, you're going to lose them.”

Want to learn how to boost your M&A success rate?


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Expand your business without losing your best talent.

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