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Combine teambuilding and strategic planning to maximize your business growth

Your people doubt that you’re being genuine... so you brought in a teambuilding expert. But nature walks and tree hugging didn’t bring your people any closer to strategic alignment.

Then you brought in a business consultant to build your strategic plan.... but your people lack the cohesion and buy-in to execute it.

How do you combine teambuilding and strategic planning in ways that increase performance and create a stronger culture?

In my conversation with Gerry Foster on his “Brand-Forward Leadership” podcast, we explore the greatest roadblocks complex organizations face on their road toward sustainable growth, and how to pave a smoother journey.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How my role as an executive leadership advisor helps senior leadership teams work together more effectively in less time, with less cultural resistance, so they can accelerate their business growth

  • The biggest challenges complex organizations face on their road to sustainable growth

  • Why combining effective teambuilding and strategic planning only works when you accelerate trust

  • How surviving both corporate and cancer ignited my own entrepreneurial journey

“Cultural resistance is the drag that every organization struggles with… and doesn’t like to talk about.”

If YOU want to do a more effective job of leading from the front, apply to work with Claire.


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