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Boosting self-belief through authenticity: How to accelerate growth by building trust

What does the term “leadership therapy” actually mean? Why do leaders at all levels desperately need it? And how can they use it to lead in more natural, authentic and followable ways? In my conversation with Angela Bradford on her “One Starfish” podcast, we explore the current state of leadership and team cohesion, and how leaders can accelerate growth by first accelerating trust.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The current and future state of leadership therapy

  • What leaders lack that leads to their downfall

  • The critical difference between emulating and duplicating leaders you admire

  • How leaders can meet their people where they are and motivate them to excel

  • The aspects of people leadership executives struggle with the most - and how to overcome them

  • Tangible ways to overcome self-doubt and increase self-belief

  • An easy way to accelerate trust within teams

“You are not alone in feeling the way you feel. Even CEOs need to hear that now and then.”

Could YOU use some leadership therapy?


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