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Accelerate your business growth by building trust

Why has corporate America earned "meme" status? Sayings like "don't Monday my Sunday" have entered our lexicon because so many leaders underestimate the power of culture and their role in shaping it. How can we more effectively measure culture, strengthen culture, and get leaders to take accountability for driving culture in a positive direction? In my conversation with Christine Dykeman during her LinkedIn Live event, we explored the business value of culture, the criticality of trust, and EASY ways HR can use organizational listening to help organizations grow.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What culture done wrong looks like... and the consequences on your business

  • How to calculate and MULTIPLY business value

  • What culture done right looks like... and how trust plays a crucial part

  • The three numbers that reveal the current health of your culture

  • How coaching saves HR and people leaders time and money

  • The three simple actions you can take TODAY to build trust and strengthen your culture

“People support what they help to create. And when you make decisions in a black box, release smoke from the chimney, and expect your people to fall in line, you're doing it wrong.”

What are YOUR three numbers? Reach out and share them.


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