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“Talent cannot be measured” is a myth. And it’s destroying your business.

Updated: Jan 28

If you truly want your organization to achieve perpetual growth, you need to have a magnetic why. You need to unleash limitless talent. You need to accelerate cultural cohesion. You need to facilitate strategic alignment. And you need to STOP believing that talent can’t be quantified. In my conversation with Natalie Benamou on “HerCsuite Radio,” we discuss how to overcome the myths and focus on the strategy that will enable you to grow on purpose.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What CHROs say are their biggest pain points… and what their deepest fear truly is

  • The biggest disconnect between HR leaders and the rest of the business

  • How to get business leaders to OWN the talent strategy

  • How HR can step into their strategic role more fully

  • Why your business’s growth strategy is doomed to fail without THIS

  • How to strengthen your existing culture to achieve perpetual growth

  • A simple way to combine two cultures and amplify your success

“While it is not solely HR’s responsibility to build out the talent plan, it is HR’s role to get the business to understand why that alignment is mission-critical.”

Boost the alignment between your talent plan and your business strategy.


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Expand your business without losing your best talent.

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