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Claire Chandler helps ambitious, mission-forward companies scale with fewer growing pains and bottlenecks. She founded Talent Boost because she was tired of finding employees curled up under their desks, crying and disillusioned. She cures workplace misery by fixing the biggest impact on a company's culture: the behavior of its leaders.

Claire uses a proprietary blend of humor and insights to pull leaders out of their silos and extract the fundamental DNA that makes their business unique. She turns siloed bosses into magnetic leaders who attract the right talent--and repel the wrong people--to accomplish the company’s mission. She's married to a Marine Corps veteran and has a talking chinchilla with his own YouTube leadership series.


Claire only works with C-level executives who are:

  • Ambitious: They want their company to be the market-dominating, profitable organization that attracts the right employees and customers.

  • Self-Aware: They know they don’t have all the right people, processes and/or strategy to reach their desired future.

  • Open: They are not easily offended by a woman telling them they're wrong, and are willing to do things differently to achieve the amazing results they want.


Claire has worked within and alongside small and large organizations across a broad swath of industries, from mining and manufacturing to pharma and biotech, to turn growing companies into consistent magnets for talent. If joining a swath of magnetic leaders and companies appeals to you, schedule a call ASAP. You'd be surprised how many other leaders have already signed up for her unique brand of tough love.

A full, less irreverent version of her bio is available below.


"Claire is always calm in a crisis, always finds creative ways to solve problems and get things done, and is always professional – but only when it’s necessary." - one of Claire's amazing (also irreverent) clients

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